Supporting European Stories for 30 years

30 years of MEDIA Campaign

The MEDIA strand of the EU programme Creative Europe is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021. To mark this occasion, on 15 January the European Commission launched a communication campaign to celebrate the 30 years of support as well as the launch of the new Creative Europe MEDIA programme running from 2021 to 2027.

The campaign’s content will focus on 10 different themes explaining the audiovisual industry and will be rolled out primarily on social media, aiming to reach young people and industry professionals.

This website will be regularly updated to include all the material related to the campaign such as promotional videos, information about the new programme, and the episodes of the new Instagram series ‘Behind the scenes of European content – How EU support turns into stories’ that will help viewers to better understand how the EU supports audiovisual and film projects on the ground.

Targeting the general audience, this clip shows why the MEDIA programme has been supporting the audiovisual industry for 30 years. Without its help, many European stories would have been lost and many creators couldn’t have reached their audience.
When stories get to people, they make them think, touch their hearts and become part of our culture. That’s why stories shouldn’t stay in the dark. They must be available to everyone, anywhere, anytime and in any format.

As the title of this video reads: Stories are meant to be shared.
For the last 30 years, the Creative Europe MEDIA programme has supported the European film and audiovisual industries, helping the professionals to make their stories come to live and be widely shared in Europe and beyond. 

Together, we have shaped the culture of today and we keep growing, creating and building the culture of tomorrow.
Proud of the collective efforts and outstanding achievements reached by the European audiovisual community over these years, we want to celebrate with you the anniversary of the EU MEDIA programme! Because your stories are meant to be shared.