Supporting European Stories for 30 years

The new
Creative Europe MEDIA

MEDIA has been strengthened in particular by a focus on increasing cooperation at EU level, through support to co-productions, structured networks and partnerships, in order to scale up audiovisual enterprises and to enhance the competitiveness of European audiovisual production at European and global levels. MEDIA support will take new trends into account, for example by accompanying the growth in cross-border audiences for high quality TV series and the increasing opportunities for virtual reality experiences.

In addition, the new programme will introduce some novelties taking into account the current context and challenges of the sector

Covid 19: supporting the short term recovery and transformation of the audiovisual industry via the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan


Cross-cutting issues such as greening (taking encouraging steps to contribute to a climate-neutral audiovisual sector) and diversity and inclusiveness at all stages of the value chain

A new structure for a new programme

To ensure more flexibility in the actions supported and to encourage cooperation among the different parts of the audiovisual value-chain, the priorities of the new programme are structured around four clusters.  These clusters are defined around the ultimate goal they intend to pursue, namely:


Encouraging collaboration and innovation in the creation and production of high quality European audiovisual works, reinforcing the capacity of independent producers to retain rights and exploit them globally, thus reinforcing EU media brands.

1European co-development
2European slate development
3European mini-slate development
4 – Video games and immersive content development
5TV and online content


Promoting business innovation, competitiveness, scalability, and talents in the European audiovisual sector in order to strengthen its position vis-à-vis its global competitors.

1Talents and skills
2Markets & networking
3 – MEDIA 360º
4 – European Film Distribution
5 – European Film Sales
6Innovative tools and business models


Strengthen the accessibility and visibility of works for their potential audiences through distribution channels and platforms.


Support through policy discussion/exchange fora, studies, and reports. Promote outreach activities and horizontal issues such as greening, diversity, gender, inclusion, innovation.

1 – Provision and sharing of data intelligence
2 – Exchanges and policy cooperation